Monday, April 7, 2008

Hi Octane Jewelry creates Hot Rod Jewelry from Recycled Car Parts

New sustainable jewelry designs from Hi Octane Jewelry. If you love old cars but are hesitant to take that ol’ gas guzzler for a spin with the prices of gas right now, you can still flaunt your love of the classical automobile by wearing a piece of your ride.

Hi Octane Jewelry has been scouring local junque shops, swap meets, garage sales and junkyards looking for interesting car emblems and treasure. They then take the pieces and reconstruct them; using items like Sterling silver chain and resin and turn those old car parts into unique one of kind jewelry pieces.

Give your woman’s wardrobe an overhaul, with an ultra cool V8 emblem necklace to wear. She’ll love her look being revvv’d up. Have an old emblem collecting dust on your workbench in the garage? Send it over to Hi Octane Jewelry have them reconstruct into something you’ll love to wear.

Hi Octane Jewelry also offers a line of unique sterling silver rings that resemble your favorite old car grille or motor. They also create custom cuffs bracelets of your favorite ride.

Hi Octane Jewelry is located in Oceanside, CA and our team offers 5 years of experience and expertise creating specialized and unique styles and designs. Visit us online at, or call us at 760.529.9353.

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