Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wow - A Jewelry Lamp

So everyone has a favorite thing at their Grandparent's house. Mine was the lamp below. I remember the first time I saw it in the back guest room. I thought wow, this is so unique. I had never seen anything quite like it at the time. I love old jewelry so naturally a lamp completely covered in old shiny sparkley things would draw me in. I asked my Grandma Mirene about the interesting piece. She said that a friend made the piece. I said well if you ever decide to get rid of it I would really like it.
So the day finally came last year, and I was going to be driving through Grandma's neighborhood in the NW and she said I should come pick up my lamp. Well I was so excited about my new lamp. I don't really have any other lamps. And this was not your ordinary lamp this was the holy grail of lamps for the jewelry maker. So now that we are moving into a new house with some room. My favorite lamp will finally be on display. I am planning to make a very funky, outrageous shade for it. I think it deserves the best. Along with the lamp my grandma included a letter telling my the history of this great piece.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

LA Ink's Corey Miller

So you have all seen him on TV, one of the star's of LA Ink, Corey Miller. Do you remember playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Okay well here is our connection, our good friends Jill and Mark Cole, also neighbors and fellow bunko players, along with lovers of Retro style. Well, Mark plays bass in the band Powerflex 5 which is also the band that Corey plays drums with along with Steve Alba. So Mark introduced us to Corey up in Hollywood at a filming for one of the LA Ink shows. Another side note our oldest son Nolan is sponsored by Lester Kasai and Corey did the graphics for Lester's new pro-model boards, with the Koi fish, very cool...
So we presented one of our Mercury car grille rings to Corey in hopes that it would end up on camera in one upcoming episodes. So watch for it. If you see it before us let us know. I have also asked Corey for a photo of him wearing it in front of the Kasai boards.