Thursday, August 28, 2008

Support Hi Octane Jewelry in the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based Business Competition

Please take a minute and Vote for HiOctane Jewelry in the Start up nation contest.
If nothing else the traffic of being on the site will be helpful.
Support Hi Octane Jewelry in the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based Business Competition

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We will be at Primer Nationals, Ventura California

Primer Nats08LO
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Come see us and check out our new designs. We have lots of cool new pieces. Primer Nationals is Labor Day Weekend at Ventura County Fairgrounds.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Caddy Cuff links | Hi Octane Jewelry recycled car parts

We have a new edition to our recycled goods. They are caddy cufflinks.
These little itty bitty emblems come of junk yard cars. You ask where do you find these little guys? Well inside the old caddies these are emblems off of interior lights.

They will be added to our site shortly.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vintage Navajo indian jewelry

I have a collection of Old Arizona Highways that my Grandma Mirene passed down to me from my Great Grandparents. I love this photo out of the magazine. Look at all the wonderful jewelry, that these Navajo girls are wearing. We need to bring back more jewelry adornment like this. I just love all the silver coin buttons that run the edges of their dresses. I also love that they are wearing large chandlier earrings and dangle earrings.
Absolutely wonderful.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hi-Octane! Happy Customer

Hi-Octane! (220/365)
Originally uploaded by Drive-Design
Yeah, Drive Design is a very cool fellow classic car enthusiast. He has a great eye for style and all things cool. He bought one of our first recycled car emblem belt buckles. I threw in a few goodies. He has a very cool plan in store for the larger skylark emblems that I wanted to contribute to. Drive Design also identified The Formula S Belt buckle as a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Emblem.
Thank you Drive Design we love that you are happy with your new Hi Octane gear.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hi Octane Jewelry | Bracelet

These are something new, and my new favorite thing.
Bracelets... I have an old indian bracelet that i bought at an antique store back in High school in Reno, that was the inspiration for these pieces. I love the simplicity of them. I love how they fit when I wear them. And how fun they are to make. I have them up on the Etsy store for now.
Watch for more like these. I may even try some recycled bicycle emblems made into bracelets like these.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hi Octane Eco-Jewelry is in Ol Skool Rods

Well our eco-jewelry that is reconstructed out of recycled car parts, got featured in the US based pulication Ol Skool Rods. If you haven't seen our recycled car part necklaces, you need to go check them out. We also just added belt buckles. We will be adding cuff links shortly. This magazine is my personal favorite of all the Rod Zines. I like the way it is formatted. I like the car photos,pin-ups and I like the articles. Oh and even the ads.
Thank you to the Boys at Ol Skool Rods for running us. We appreciate it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi Octane Jewelry is in Octane Magazine

Octane Magazine, which is based in the UK, ran our press release on our new sustainable jewelry created using recycled car parts.
Thank you, Octane Magazine...

Hi Octane Jewelry is in Octane Magazine

Friday, August 1, 2008

Naughty Secretary Club's Book Out Now!

Jennifer Perkins is one of my inspirations. She left her job as a secretary to return to her childhood love of jewelry-making and started a company called Naughty Secretary Club. Where she transforms fun kitsch items into colorful jewelry. In her new book,
"The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry." She shows us how to create some of her ultra-cool resin designs. If you want to order a signed copy you can order it from The Naughty Secretary Site. I regularly read The Naughty Secretary Blog, where Jennifer posts lots of helpful hints for start-up businesses.
I first heard about Jennifer's jewelry years ago when a friend forwarded her site to me. The name stuck with me. Years later when I was looking for ways to promote my internet based jewelry company Hi Octane Jewelry I came across a couple online articles that talked about her company, and I found out they had started a group called the Austin Craft Mafia. Which I immediately looked up and found out they started a site and group devoted to helping people just like myself, called the Craft Mafia. After being unsuccessful finding a Craft Mafia group in my area. I decided I needed to start one. So the Oceanside Craft Mafia was born. The Craft Mafia has been an invaluable resource for finding tips on all avenues of starting a crafting business.