Thursday, November 18, 2010

Driving fun in a simulated way.

You have to hop on over and check out this web site just for the sound effects. I love all the sounds on this site. It has me revv'd up. Now I just need to get to France. i-way is an unusual venue designed by france’s cyrille druart in lyon, france. The building is dedicated to high end car
simulators that give visitors the opportunity to sit inside actual car and drive them with the help of massive digital
displays. i-way features 18 different vehicles that can be driven using six degrees of movement. the cars are divided
into 3 zones for formula 1, endurance and rally cars. surrounding these rooms are a host of other amenities such as
a fitness centre, shop, bars and meeting rooms. the facility took over four year’s to construct and features some of
the most advanced simulator technology in the world, much of which borrows straight for the aeronautics industry.
Found via Design Boom

Monday, November 1, 2010

Goggles - For your inner steampunk style

Goggles have been on my mind lately. I like the steampunk look. I collect old eye ware. I need to photograph some of the pieces I have. Here are a few pairs I recently found inspiring.

The second pair are for sale on Restoration Hardware's site here.