Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Odd Etsy Blog

Did you hear we made the Odd Etsy Blog awhile back? You can read it here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

12 Stars who should be wearing Hi Octane Jewelry

So I have been thinking over the past few weeks who are 12 Stars or famous people who should be wearing Hi Octane Jewelry.
Here is my list:
1. Jay Leno - he is a car lover and big gear head, and I like a guy that can make a girl laugh, our motor ring would fit him.
2. Britney Spears - She has a new Porsche Speedster and needs our matching Porsche bracelet.
3. Bucky Lasek - An M3 is his daily driver so he needs our recycled BMW emblem belt buckle, and should come skate our half-pipe in the back yard with us.
4. Hugh Jackman - he drives a VW microbus like my old one, he needs our VW bus ring on his finger to match.
5. Brad Pitt - He just got a new Camaro, our Camaro ring would look great on his finger, and our "S" necklace would look great around his neck.. Brad, also might like one of our Motorcycle rings.
6. Vince Vaughn - We have heard he is a Pontiac Guy. Vince is a big guy and I know our Big Chief ring would fit his finger, we know who's in charge Vince you are.
7. Travis Barker - Anyone who collects Cadillacs should collect our Cadillac rings. We'll even let you name them.
8. Pink - She has been seen in a '57 Chevy she needs our 57' ring to match.
9. James HetField - Metallica singer, plays guitar and likes old cars and going to car shows seems like fit.
10. Mike Ness - I am big fan of your music and your the ultimate "Sick Boy" You need one of our rings.
11. Jesse James - We have a 1962 Impala to match what you have in the garage.
12. Jerry Seinfeld - Any Porschephile should have Hi Octane Jewelry make them custom porsche grille ring.