Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot Rod Jewelry | For Hot Rodder's

So far the reviews have been great on our car grille rings and our motor rings. Both men and women are buying them and wearing them. We have had a few couples buy them as engagement rings. These are true car lovers for sure. The biggest thing we want to do for next round of new rings is to create larger sizes. Brad, here at Hi Octane Jewelry has what most people including myself, would call very large hands. He wears from a 12 to a 14 depending on the finger. His hand looks like baseball mits next to most people.
And as we have been doing booths at various shows around the west coast, we have a quite a few men walk up and want rings and they say I am 14, I am 16. So this round we are doing Big Ass Rings or Big Daddy Rings Sizes 10 -16 only.
Here are the styles that will be coming out this fall.
And they are going to BIG.
Everything on these rings is bigger. They are thicker and wider and most importantly we will have a 16 when you ask for it.

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