Monday, September 17, 2007

Billetproof in Nor Cal

Well we just returned from Antioch, California. We participated in a cool car show up there called Billetproof. We packed up the silver van and headed north bound at peak travel time at 6pm Friday evening. Pulling into our roadside motel around 1 am. Caught some shut eye, then hit the black asphalt at 6:00 am to be in the vendor line by 6:30 am.

Having never been to the show before we where unsure of the best vending spot but just went with inside towards the people entrance. We were set up quickly after realizing we forgot a couple of our key items; black tablecloths and one of the rods for hanging the
back graphic. We improvised no problem with what we had on hand, a vintage tablecloth, clips and zip ties. You can do amazing things with zip ties. We decided to not use our cloth tent cover. Last show it seemed to darken the inner booth experience. So we just left it off, thus creating a new graphic challenge for hanging our front header, but we are professionals so no prob, nothing a few zip ties and clips can't fix. We got that header hung and even readable.

We got lots of compliments on our tool box displays, everybody especially men at car shows love to look in tool boxes. So that was a hit..

We met quite a few other friendly vendors like Original sinners and Lucky Mule Clothing.
Brad & I took turns keeping Ginger occupied while the other played salesperson.
We enjoyed the setting for the show, the fairgrounds are nice and grassy so the cars were able to park right on the grass which kept the heat down.

I found my latest wish car a silver blue Galaxy Sunliner.
We saw a lot of great rides, the crowd was very diverse. Many people from Nevada and California of all ages.

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